Branding your business is one of the most important things you can do to be successful no matter what industry you operate in. Companies in the construction industry often assign low priority to their branding and overall marketing strategy. We believe this is because usually, an individual or group sets off into the process of starting a business to fill a need within their network. Tradesmen of all types quickly become overwhelmed with managing their operations and lose site of the need to brand and market their business.

Obtaining work through word-of-mouth referrals and competitive bidding for contracts are the staple for most trades in the construction industry. However, neglecting your companies branding and digital marketing can have a negative impact on growth and sustainability for any size business. Digital marketing for your construction business will aid in production of leads and increases the perceived value a first time customer sees when evaluating your ability to complete the job before deciding to hire you.

Professionally branding your company in the construction industry entails a few key components. The list below is in a sequence that makes it easy to tackle the most important items first, though none of which should be overlooked.

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1. Company Logo

Your company logo is likely going to be the first thing that a potential client will take notice to about your brand. Your logo doesn’t have to be fancy, detailed or flashy. The important part is that it is visible, clean and professional. Avoid busy graphics and distracting colors. Instead focus on making your logo simple and attractive as possible. It is important to keep your design original while getting your message across. Businesses without a professional logo can often be perceived as inexperienced and less dependable. A logo can be as simple as your company name displayed in a font that you like.

When thinking about your design take note of other businesses logos that you would like to draw inspiration from. Hiring a graphic designer to create your logo can help to develop ideas and save a lot of time bringing your vision to life. It’s never too early to create a logo for your business and it’s a crucial part of your marketing content moving forward.

2. Business Cards

Your business card will leave an impression a potential client almost as strong as your first meeting. It’s easier than ever to have professional business cards for everyone in your company that needs them. Several online services offer design help with templates and competitive pricing on high quality stock and printing. Your companies business card should feature your company name and/or logo, primary services you offer or specialize in, your general service areas and relevant contact information.

It is important to keep your design clear and to the point. Spelling, grammar and appropriate hierarchy of information can make or break the value of your business card. DesignBuild Media will be able to give you creative solutions to your business card design and printing.

3. Website & Company E-Mail

These two should be created together so we will explain them as one component. Your company needs a website to take advantage of internet search engines and business listings in 2021. Not only does your website function as a place to display information and sell a potential client on your services, it can also function as a lead generating machine if managed properly.

The first step to creating a professional website is buying your desired domain name (your website address) from a reputable company such as or These sites offer domain purchase services as well as hosting for your site. Purchasing your domain and hosting will also allow you to create email accounts using your companies website address. Locking in your company domain address and creating an email with it (example: A corporate email address will project the feeling that your company is an established and professional operation versus a generic G-Mail or yahoo email address (example:

DesignBuild Media is a clear choice to develop a website that will be an asset to your business and manage your search engine optimization efforts.

When you have your website domain and email address created, make sure it is included with your contact information on your business card!

4. Social Media Accounts

Social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are great places to gain free attention from potential clients in residential and commercial contracting. It can be a considerable amount of work to stay on top of quality content creation and regular posting, but it is worth the effort to create this extra footprint on the internet. Many business owners don’t realize the power of social media and that a majority of people look up business prior to making a purchase to see that others have had positive experiences and to get a better feel for how a potential contractor handles themselves.

Homeowners can be particularly interested in searching your social media presence because they want to know who they are allowing in their home. Commercial contractors and developers are often more performance oriented but typically have younger people searching for sub-contractors and vendors. The power of your company being seen in a positive light on social media is becoming increasingly important. DesignBuild Media specializes in creation and management of social media marketing programs that are customized to your business. We have extensive knowledge of the construction industry and are able to promote, grow and moderate your social media accounts so that you can focus on running your business!

5. Company Letterhead

When designing your company logo and business cards it is often advantageous to create a letterhead that can be used to elevate your proposals and contract agreements. Your clients will appreciate receiving a professionally branded document instead of a generic template that your competition is probably still using. When your hire DesignBuild Media to create your logo and business cards, we will include your letterhead design at no additional cost.

The Takeaway

Deciding to take digital marketing seriously can be a game changer for any business in the construction industry. General contractors, sub-contractors of all types and even material or equipment vendors can benefit from a well executed marketing plan. DesignBuild Media was founded to create professional marketing solutions specifically for businesses operating in the construction industry.

Businesses in all phases of construction and any range of size can profit from our industry experience and wide range digital marketing services. Set up a no cost consultation to learn how we can help you reach your goals. 

Jonathan Weisman
Jonathan Weisman
May 1, 2023.
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Design Build Media way exceeded my expectations!! I would definitely recommend for anyone needing help with designing a site. They helped set up my online store and integrated my shipping company to my online store as well. Everything works perfectly!!
Nate Morgan
Nate Morgan
December 1, 2022.
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Courtney & Tyler have done an excellent job in running Google Ads for my business. They are affordable and are getting me great results. I would recommend them to any business, especially to other contractors.
Jason Simon
Jason Simon
September 11, 2021.
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Denver MidAtlantic has grown exponentially in the last couple years and the DBM team has been an asset in representing our brand online.
Jack Callahan
Jack Callahan
September 10, 2021.
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DesignBuild Media absolutely over delivered on the site they designed for my relatively young marine detailing business. The site functions flawlessly on both the computer and mobile versions, and performs extremely well in the Google algorithm even with a very low ad budget. I frequently have customers that find me through my website going out of their way to comment on how attractive and professional the site is. DesignBuild Media’s customer service is second to none, and they are not shy about making sure I was completely satisfied with every detail of the site. At first I was really just after a digital business card but the functionality of this site has proven to me just how effective a professionally designed website can be at generating hot leads that translate into hefty profits, and I have DesignBuild Media to thank for that.
Patrick Finney II
Patrick Finney II
December 8, 2020.
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Absolutely exceptional. Very customer oriented and awesome services. I'm very satisfied with my new website and looking forward to continually working with them with our new marketing plan. I would highly recommend getting on board with them and take advantage of their competitive pricing for the same (if not better) services that the big companies offer.

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