Marketing for a Demolition Contractor


Prior to onboarding with our team, this demolition contractor had a static, one page website that was in desperate need of a refresh.

Marketing for a demolition contractor can go in many different directions; from straightforward and professional or, in the case of this demolition contractor, bold and adventurous. The way we determined the strategy for this client, was to take their brand into consideration. This demolition company is outspoken and a leader in their industry. Our goal was to have website visitors perceive them as such.

A one to two page website can be useful in some situations, however the company will not be able to track how well each section is performing while check their Google Analytics. By separating a one-page site into one with multiple pages, we are able to see which services are most popular and which pages need more attention.

Old Demolition Contractor Website

After a Company Rebrand

New Demolition Contractor Website

You can visit this website by clicking below
Demolition Contractor Website Development

This contractor explained their goal to rebrand as a company that would have multiple divisions and widen their service area and they wanted a website that would communicate the new information. We strategized a website development plan that would integrated high user experience elements revolving around key photos from their project portfolio. 

The scope was to include all services including asbestos abatement, lead paint abatmement, commercial restoration and concrete cutting and coring. They wanted to feature a blog area where new content could be constantly updated, have their Facebook feed showing and a meet the team page. We always use custom copywriting, no Latin filler or copy and pasting from online sources. We have the experience in the industry to custom write your text.

We incorporated multimedia, employment applications, informational pages that would educate about the demolition industry and a complete key personnel contact list.

This website was affordable because our work is a labor of love. We do not charge to utilize a bunch of fancy elements that can be costly to the customer, instead we use our construction industry experience and knowledge to provide a one of a kind site for you. 

How Do We Do It?

When you contact us, you'll get a free evaluation of your company's existing online presence. After learning about your business and your goals, we will recommend a marketing strategy that fits your budget.

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