Marketing for a Data Center Decommissioning Company


This decommissioning contractor came to our team with only an idea. He was starting his company from the ground up, had a company name, business license and an idea. No website, no domain, no marketing strategy.

With a few onboarding calls, we determined that since his business services would include a wide verity of services along with decommissioning, we decided to create a brand that is clever and elusive. We went with a classic landing page that keeps things interesting.

marketing idea

After Website Design & Development

Data Center Decommissioning Website

You can visit this website by clicking below
Decommissioning Demolition Contractor

After an onboarding call, strategy, development and on page (one page that is) optimization. This new start up had their first public brand identity online. Our team handled the domain registration and hosting. These two services can be confusing to most people and we would not recommend obtaining either one yourself unless you have completed enough research and have a dedicated in house employee that will handle anything related to such. Most companies don’t, and for those, our team handles everything and we pass all the login information over to you.

Overall, this contractor has what they need to entice online visitors, giving them a taste of what they offer. Once they have more of an established base, we recommend expanding their website and marketing program.

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