Marketing for a Concrete Breaking Contractor


The task in marketing for this concrete breaking contractor was a routine refresh. Every few years, your website needs an online audit to stay modern and up to date. That was the case for this concrete demolition contractor. They already had great text and graphics, but need assistance is organizing, design, layout and elements. 

The previous website was not optimized to be 100% mobile friendly which is the #1 issue with not ranking well on Google. They also had established a one-pager website that when you a user clicked in the menu bar, they were automatically scrolled down to the appropriate section rather than to an entirely new trackable page.

After a Website Redesign and Development Strategy

New Concrete Contractor Website

You can visit this website by clicking below
Concrete Demolition Contractor Website Development

The goal was to take this concrete contractor’s existing website and revamp it with modern techniques, includes on page search engine optimization (SEO), add custom graphics/copywriting text additions and blog updates and provide an overall fresh feel for the user experience.

The home page provides the webpage user with the services, service area and company logo immediately. This tactic will help lower the bounce rate, which is when users click on your URL from the search results, but quickly hit the back button because they were mislead by the results. This will ultimately hurt your ranking results. Not being optimized to be mobile friendly will also hurt your site, which is why we optimize all new sites to be responsive on all devices: desktop, tablet, iPhone, etc.

Part of our strategy to perform marketing for a concrete contractor is to research the competition and surpass the expectation of the industry.

Other services our team provides in marketing for this concrete contractor includes reformatted their logo to be high quality, email marketing, social media management and search engine optimization (SEO).