Search Engine Optimization

We know what your #1 goal is: to stand out from your competition. We do that with search engine optimization. It’s not a difficult task for professionals, but it is one that takes time and consistency. It all starts with  a strong, user experience driven website.

When you want to gain muscle, you go to the gym. You don’t go once a month for a year. You train multiple days a week for a year. The same logic applies to search engine optimization. No matter what your company does, it will take time to strengthen your domain authority to boost you to the top. We set realistic goals and apply proprietary methods to get from your starting point to where you want to be.

Why Hire DesignBuild Media to perform your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

We’ve built strong online presences for construction firms like yours from the ground up. On average, we have seen it takes  6 months – 1 year to see substantial improvements. We specialize in building search rankings on Google for contractors and subcontractors like engineers, architects, landscapers, masons, electricians, and plumbers. No online marketing companies know the industry like a team that has worked hands on in multiple disciplines of the construction field for over 20+ years.

We understand the fluctuating construction environment can make it difficult to keep up with a monthly marketing fee, but once you unlock your websites performance potential, we can guarantee you won’t go back. We keep our services flexible pricing affordable for small, mid size and large companies.

Construction Company Real Results

We began search engine optimization for this construction company in Maryland in 2016. For 3 years, we modestly grew their online presence which bumped them to rank #1 in their most valued keyword on Google! They were able to stop hard bidding and competing against many companies and began getting direct phone calls asking them to do the work directly. This is due to the fact that they are

  1. A reliable contractor who performs well
  2. Have a high converting website (also built by us)
  3. Understood the time it would take to achieve their end goal: to outrank their competition

Now, if a company stops their search engine optimization efforts all together, they will eventually drop down in the search rankings. With a little bit of research, anyone can find out exactly how you are ranking highly and overthrow you (over a lot of time, of course). So, remember, when you get to the spot you want – don’t stop your efforts and let someone else leap frog you!

Sure, you can get improvements that are way stronger than what you see above, but it will be extremely costly. Our in house team provides affordable services that can get you headed in a great direction. Whether you’re investing $4,000/month or $500/month the techniques are the similar. The difference is the time that is spent in optimizing the pages.

How Do We Do It?

When you contact us, you'll get a free evaluation of your company's existing online presence. After learning about your business and your goals, we will recommend a marketing strategy that fits your budget.

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