Digital Marketing in the Construction Industry

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Introduce affordable, custom digital marketing strategies to your construction company and see more organic (unpaid) leads

In order to develop your company, your prospect customers need to know you’re out there.

The world of digital marketing in the construction industry is usually overwhelming for beginners, especially construction related business owners, when trying to navigate Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Maps, Google Business and website development. Not only do construction companies need to incorporate these social media platforms into their digital marketing, but they need to be optimized to be SEO friendly. What is SEO? DesignBuild Media takes the guessing out of “what am I supposed to do?” and simplifies the process. We create a custom, affordable plan suited to your trade and size of business to help you get more calls and visibility online.

DesignBuild Media is a small business made up of two experts in digital marketing in the construction industry. We can help your construction business in every aspect of marketing from web design to promos to email marketing. We understand how time consuming it can be to stick to a digital marketing plan by yourself. Our team puts your custom strategy on autopilot and we’ll periodically check in with your to see what’s new with your company. We will sit down with your development team, office manager, or owner (whoever knows your business services and goals the best) and help you reach them in a realistic time frame.

No two businesses are exactly the same. For that reason, no two websites and no two strategies are the same. The base of the strategy will revolve around the way the company wants to be perceived: the brand. Branding can be hard for some people to understand. How we like to explain it is: If someone was talking about your company behind your back, how would they explain it? That’s your brand, the way others perceive your construction company. Some can be bold and humorous; others can be reserved and polished.

Once we have the branding dialed in, the floodgates open. We begin the following strategies if they are in line with your company goals:

Search Engine Optimization

Aka how to enhance your website performance and ranked higher on search engine results for specific keywords. Local SEO is important for contractors who serve a specific area/region. If a prospect customer searches, “kitchen remodel in Baltimore, MD,” and that is your primary region served, we want to make sure that Google understands you are present and available to come up in those search results. But for that, you need a website that performs well.

Social Media Marketing

It is not only a plus to have social media accounts for your construction company because it helps you rank well with search engines like Google, but it also helps spread brand awareness to different styles of people. Not all of your clients are on Facebook, LinkedIn, email and Instagram at the same time. But, we can use social media platforms to reach different clients and to show the establishment of your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Does Google trust your website and how do we get them to? Google will begin to trust you once everyone else does. We will take advantage of white hat optimization techniques such as blogging on your website to show you are an expert in your construction trade and submit your company to hundreds of online directories that tell Google exactly what cities/states your service.

Web Development and Design

Your website should be your strongest salesman. It works 24/7 day and night as the face of your construction company. Your digital marketing package will include either a refresh of your current website or a redesign. We prefer to use WordPress as a content management system to design your website, but we can also use your current platform and tweak it to perform as well as your office team.

The DesignBuild Media team has a concentrated focus in the construction and service industry. Our ideal clients can be plumbers, painters, drywall companies, demolition, asbestos abatement, HVAC, general contractors, landscapers, etc. We have a dialed in focus to be able to customize all of your content because we have the experience in the industry. Give us a call today, tomorrow or whenever you’re ready to start getting more calls for exactly what you serve.

DesignBuild Media has been recognized in the top 30 Baltimore SEO companies in 2021 by DesignRush.